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"Building Our Future Together!"
Journing towards Easter

You are invited to join a group studying Build on the Rock, faith, doubt - and Jesus. The groups will meet once a week for 5 weeks beginning week commencing 10th March. Join us on our journey through Lent. See Janice for further details.

Once a week for 5 weeks, come to whichever group suits - all welcome!

i. Mondays, starting on March 10th from 2.30pm till 4pm at 11 Charles Street Kilmarnock ( contact Gabrielle McCracken tel. 523364)

ii. Tuesdays, starting on March 11th from 10.30am till 12 noon at 75 Irvine Road Crosshouse (contact Catherine Mills tel. 535305)

iii. Tuesdays, starting on March 11th from 2pm till 3.30pm at the Howard Centre, Kilmarnock (contact Janice Gillespie tel. 540009)

iv. Wednesdays, starting on 12th March from 7.30pm till 8.30pm at New Laigh Kirk, Kilmarnock (contact Janice Grant tel. 542202)

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